What does a chiropractor do exactly.


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What does a chiropractor do exactly

As chiropractors we are very passionate about subjects such as; vitality, innate intelligence and health. Our body is so complex and so fantastically constructed that we take for granted the trillions of reactions that take place every second. By maintaining proper spinal function the innate intelligence of the universe is best able to express itself in your body, creating health and vitality.

Wat doet een chiropractor
The energy known as life force runs through every cell, organ and tissue in our body. This life force is intelligent and is what allows us to regenerate our cells, heal our tissue and adapt ourselves to our environment. However, when this life force is decreased our cells, tissues and organs break down and degenerate at a increased rate. In chiropractic this blockage or disruption in life force is called a subluxation.
Our task as chiropractor is to ensure the continuity of this life force via the central nervous system into the tissues and cells of the body by releasing the physical subluxations in the spine. This allows the central nervous system to function at its best and deliver maximum life energy to the body.
As a chiropractor we do not focus our analysis or treatment on the physical complaints but on the underlying cause. It is by the restoration of proper bodily function that the complaints diminish or disappear.
Experiencing your maximum possible life force will allow you to have the best quality of life!

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